Photo: Juliana Thomas


Trustee Howard Flagg (EE'75), Rosie Mendez, Chief of Staff for Councilwoman Margarita Lopez; Trustee John Michaelson; Trustee Clarence Michals; Noah Pfefferbilt, representing Borough President C. Virginia Fields,; the Cooper Union robot; Alumni Association President Jacob Alspector (AR'72); Merrill Hesch, representing State Parks Commissioner Beeernadette Castro; Ron Drucker (CE'62), New York City Art Commission Chair Jean Parker Phifer; Landmarks Preservation Commission Chair Sherida Paulsen; VP of Business Affairs Robert Hawks; and President Geroge Campbell, Jr.


After a painstaking five-year restoration, the Foundation buildings facelift is complete. The building was redicated on April 12, 2002 in a ceremony attended by community leaders and Cooper UnionsStudents and faculty, adminsitration and staff.