Online Readings:

Jaron Lanier, "Agents of Alienation"

Interface Culture: "Agents"

Smell.Bytes catalogue texts: SmellBytes1 / SmellBytes2

Alonzo Addison, "Museum without Walls: Rethinking the Physical Paradigm"

Christiane Paul, "Art and Science in the Digital Age: Hybrid Forms of Inquiry" (presentation at Invencao, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1999 / CAA, NY 2000)

The Televirtual Fruit Machine)

Paul Virilio, "Speed & Information, Cyber Alarm!"

Donna Haraway, Cyborg Manifesto

Phil Agre, "Net Presence"

Web Sites: Art Projects

R.U.R., The Web is the Robot

Tillie the Telerobotic Doll

Adrianne Wortzel Works


International Art and Industry:

Garnet Hertz, Robotic Artist Interface

NYU Media Lab

Simon Penney
Kinetic sculpture including "The Pride of Our Young Nation"

Ken Feingold
"where I can see my house from here so we are"

Art and Industry Festival July 1999, installations and performances in the industrial zone
a project from the Kunstpflug e.V. Baitz, Germany:

Virtual Gallery, Spain:

Ken Goldberg et. al., Telegarden

June Houston, Ghost Watcher

Steve Mann, Wireless Wearable Webcam

Parkbench, Alice sat here / / Alice sat here

Eric Paulos, John Canny, PRoP -- Personal Roving Presence

Fakeshop, Fakeshop / Capsule Hotel

Wolfgang Staehle, Empire 24/7

Adrianne Wortzel, Camouflage Town

Tina Laporta, Distance / eye2ear / Dystopia / Re:mote

Eduardo Kac, Rara Avis / Uirapuru / Teleporting an Unknown State / Genesis
The Gene Media Forum

Amy Alexander, The Bot


Web Sites: TechTool Kits

The Handy Board
Handy Board Documentation
Programmable Bricks: Toys to think with by Mitchel Resnick, Fred Martin,
Randy Sargent, and Brian Silverman. Available as a Adobe Acrobat PDF file
(200 KB).

ICAM Telerobotic Cameras and Software:

Elekit Robots
also featuring the history of robots including Movit and Owikit Electronic Robot Kits

Talrick Robot Kits

Arrick Company, PC Based Motor Control Units and Robots,

LEGO Data Acquistion and Prototyping System: An Engineering and Science Curriculum for K-12

ROBOLAB-National Instruments, LEGO Dacta, and Tufts University Bring the Future of Science and Engineering Into the Classroom

ROBOTRONIKA-hypermatic:automagic -presents state-of-the-art robotic products and their applications in commerce, science and art; the various forms, functions and consequences of automatization; and the works of prominent artists from the USA, Japan and Europe dealing with cybernetic systems, mechanical environments and the production of robots.

Robotic components for researchers.

Web Sites: Research Institutions

Anthopomorphic robot by NASA and HelpMate Robotics:

Rodney Brooks Projects at M.I.T.

Australia's Telerobot on the Web at University of Western Australia

UWA Robotic and Automation Research Brochure

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Vrije Universiteit, Brussel, - part of the Computer Science Department and focuses on three research themes: evolution of language, software agents and robotic agents.

Robotic Design Studio at Wellesley,
Getting Started With Handy Boards and Handy Logo. Available as a Adobe Acrobat PDF file (78 KB)
and at

Beyond Black Boxes: Bringing Transparency and Aesthetics Back to Scientific Instruments - Project funded by the National Science Foundation (1997-1999) Principal Investigators - Mitchel Resnick, Media Laboratory, MIT , Robert Berg, Department of Physics, Wellesley College, Michael Eisenberg, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado , Sherry Turkle, Program in Science, Technology, and Society, MIT, Technical Director, Fred Martin, Media Laboratory, MIT

The Temple of ALife
Artificial Life - Art
TPR/fusebox Artists  

The Art and Science Collaborative Research Laboratory
At the University of Western Australia - Wet Biology and Art

TechnoSphere is a 3D model world inhabited by artificial lifeforms created by WWW users.

"Life Spacies" is an interaction and communication space, where remotely located visitors can interact with each other through evolutionary forms and images.

Genome Research

MIT Medialab Agents group

The Art and Science Collaborative Research Laboratory
At the University of Western Australia - Wet Biology and Art

TechnoSphere is a 3D model world inhabited by artificial lifeforms created by WWW users.

"Life Spacies" is an interaction and communication space, where remotely located visitors can interact with each other through evolutionary forms and images.

Genesis by Eduardo Kac - work is inoperative at this time, but there is info

Genome Research

Stanford EE
EE/CS Mother Site
HomeTech Solutions - Home Automation & Security, X10, Leviton, Audio/Video Control, and more
Security APL Inc.
HelpMate Robotics Home Page
LIRA-Lab: Laboratory for Integrated Advanced Robotics
Center for Vision and Image Sciences
CS + ECE Tech Reports Page -- CMU Libraries
Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison Robotics Lab. Technical Reports
UPenn University of Pennsylvania Vision Site, Brian Madden presiding.


Death by Design
Fast, Cheap and Out of Control
, video with Rodney Brooks
Excerpts from Silent Running (predates Star Wars - with "personality
Universal Soldier
The Little Engine that Could
The Little Toaster
Star Trek(s)
Star Wars(s)



* Lyrics from Donovan, "Clara Clairvoyant", Open Road album, 1970!

Books and Print: Industrial

Engelberger, J. F.;Robotics in Practice, AMACOM, USA, 1980.
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Books and Print: TechTools

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Martin, Fred;  The Art of LEGO Design. A seminal article  originally
published in The Robotics Practitioner that presents a variety of tips,
tricks, and ``design clichés'' for building with the LEGO Technic system.
Available as a Adobe Acrobat PDF file (974 KB).

McComb, Gordon; The Robot Builder's Bonanza : 99 Inexpensive Robotics Projects, McGraw-Hill, 1987
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Books and Print: Robotics Research by Universities and Institutions

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Books and Print: Adult Fiction

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C.O.B.R.A. series by Timothy Zahn


Books and Print: Children's Fiction

Berenstain, Stan;  The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Run-Amuck Robot (The Berenstain Bear Scouts), 1997.

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Books and Print:  Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Philosophy

New York Times Book Reviews, January 3, 1999:

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